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Modernize your frontage, choose a lighted sign

Lighted signs Les Jacobins mall

A company or commerce’s visual communication is essential in order for the potential customers to remember the premises’ location. When the decision makers want to target customers in a specific neighborhood, city or even district, a lighted sign is the outperforming solution.

Lighted signs change over the years

Professional lighted sign makers never stop innovating, proposing increasingly efficient designs. Throughout the years, they have studied the user’s needs in order to improve shapes and opening systems, to be able to easily replace neon lights and to guarantee their sustainability. Thanks to printing techniques and the exploitation of new materials, they are able to deliver more functional and weatherproof signs. Today, an increasing number of mounts are equipped with LED to help reduce the energy waste while still benefiting from a great luminosity. Thanks to the creativity of the designing teams, it is now possible to produce uniquely shaped signs that perfectly suit the company’s image.

Lighted signs are a prominent feature in today’s visual communication for a company. They allow a shop or company to stand out from the others in the same street or town, and bring a touch of modernity to their frontage. Visible night and day, this type of sign is ideal for targeting specific customers, and reinforces brand awareness on the long run. These lighted signs can also be used to light a booth during a fair, or decorate a short-lived retail area during a one-off event. When it comes to lighted signs, whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is always recommended to call on professionals.

Design, manufacture and installation of a lighted sign with professionals

Regardless of your objectives and your activities, it is highly recommended to call on experienced technicians to design a lighted sign in accordance with the current regulations, and the most recent procedures that guarantee the quality and sustainability of the product. The technicians are able to determine the best suited sign materials for the setting of your premises. They can also provide sound advice to the customers, and guide them in their choices so they can enjoy their newly acquired sign as long as possible.

Actif Signal is the business partner you need if you want a lighted sign that perfectly portrays your business. Mounting will be carried out by qualified technicians; they provide an impeccable fastening. You can profit from a personalized guidance for the acquisition and installation of your new sign, or refer the maintenance of your sign to our agents, as they are capable of making quick diagnosis before taking actions to permanently solve every issue you could encounter.




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