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22/24 avenue Général M. BIzot
75012 Paris

Tel. +33 (0) 1 43 47 33 00



Signage is a communication medium. It must immediately be understandable and must highlight the information and the graphic image you wish to convey. The signage range is far-reaching: door label, window sticker but also directional sign panel. 22/03/2013 Page 16 sur 17 The signage system has several functions but one of them is to lead the user in a simple and direct way to his destination. That is why it must be designed in a flexible and friendly way.

Moreover, it must be useful everywhere the user needs information to find his way. Our research consultancy is attentive to the needs of each customer and examines with you your needs and wishes, according to your company’s image and your budget.

  • Appropriation of space
  • Culture and brand awareness
  • Consistency with the architecture
  • Creativity and practicality




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