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Pharmacy cross & lighted sign


Actif Signal manufactures lighted signs for stores, but also pharmacy signs and lighted crosses.

Pharmacy cross by Actif SIgnal

Pharmacy Cross (LED lighted sign) – Tourcoing - Made by Actif Signal

Actif Signal uses the same techniques to design, manufacture and install lighted signs made with neon tubes for stores, shops, and decorations for events such as fashion parades.

Lighted pharmacy cross

From the biggest cities to the smallest villages, there are always pharmacies to be found to help us get the medicine we need. Historical commerce in France, pharmacies are essentials for a town or a village to develop. Conceiving a neighborhood or an area in a city without its own pharmacy is unthinkable. However, beyond their historical dimension, it must be noted that the pharmacy market is currently expanding, and guarantees a benefit in no time to anyone opening their own pharmacy. This helps us understand the craze for these proximity shops.

This development being built to last - according to the numbers -, and for the reasons cited above, the number of pharmacies projecting their opening is increasing. However, a pharmacist may have questions regarding what equipment to possess when opening his shop, especially regarding the famous green lighted cross, the classic pharmacy sign.

What is your ideal green cross template? What are the origins of this famous cross - that has become mostly lighted overtime – we find on top of our dispensaries’ doors?

The origins and history of the caduceus and the pharmacy cross.

Let’s focus on the origins of these crosses that adorn all of our pharmacies. In the XVI century, the Order of the Clerics Regular was created in Rome. They used, as a symbol for the ill, a particular cross. Pharmacies, at the time, were using the same cross, colored in red, on the front of their shops. The International Organization of the Red Cross, ratified in the Geneva Convention in 1864, uses it as their official emblem. Pharmacies then decided they needed to change the color of the cross in order differentiate themselves from the Red Cross. They chose to change it to green. However there is no evidence regarding this choice of color, but historians established two theories on the matter: the first states that green was already used by military pharmacist since 1798 while red was attributed to military surgeons; the second theory considers the pharmacists’ use of plants and herbs in their remedies. Green would then be the symbol of the herbal resources used.

It is also important to mention another symbol found on pharmacy crosses, the caduceus. This emblem comes from one of the attributes of Hermes, a Greek god. It represents a laurel rod (or olive tree, depending on belief), topped by two wings and surrounded by two interwoven snakes. Far from being a medical symbol, like it was thought to be for a long time throughout history, it represents the recovery from snake bites, which explains their presence on the emblem.

Lighted pharmacy crosses.

Let’s focus on our main concern: lighted pharmacy crosses. The market is now filled with sign makers trying to propose quality pharmacy crosses for the lowest prices possible. However, if we do not take the time to verify the reliability of these sign makers, quality may not always be there and prices might not be so low after all.

Thanks to our experience built through long years of collaboration with numerous pharmaceutical companies, thanks to a know how that has largely contributed in building our renown and reputation, and thanks to the satisfaction of all our customers, we are able to present you with neon and LED lighted pharmacy crosses that will exceed your expectations. We offer a large range of templates you can pick from, starting with standard green crosses to LED lighted crosses. Come find the one you want! In the next paragraph, we’ll introduce you to our top-of-the-line product, the LED green pharmacy cross.

The new pharmacy crosses available on the market and their multiple display possibilities.

Lighted pharmacy crosses have existed for years. Indeed, they already existed in the early 20th century, as neon had already started to appear on brand signs, but were red and powered by neon light.

Today, our LED pharmacy signs fill your expectations thanks to all the possibilities they offer: they are visible from afar, so customers can see it, they offer various display possibilities (temperature, time, humidity…), and a professional guarantee, which ensures the longevity of the product compared to anything you can find in the market. All these advantages –and many more- are brought to you with our LED pharmacy sign you can find on our website.

A design and installation expert for you tailor-made pharmacy cross

As an expert in lighted cross and pharmacy crosses in general, we aim to align the quality of our products with the quality of our relationship with our customers. In order to do so, we take the time to listen to each and every one of our customers’ demands, and present them with products that fit their projects, their demands and needs.

As our customers’ satisfaction after sales is as important as all the phases before and after purchasing a product, we have at heart to do our very best to offer you any information you might need about our lighted crosses. We try to stay as close as possible to you and answer any and all of your questions. Our entire staff remains at your service to guide you, inform you and advise you in the process of your purchase.

A specific legislation regarding pharmacy crosses.

French law is very precise regarding green pharmacy crosses: the cross must follow specific regulations. These regulations stipulate that the cross must be of green color, and its shape has to be a regular 4 branch cross (plus). This cross must also feature the caduceus, which along with the green cross itself, are collective brands owned by the National Council of the Pharmacist Order. Positioning your cross on the frontage must also be in compliance with the law: it has to be placed right above the entrance of your dispensary, directly in contact with the front wall, and at a height set by the law.

The cross being lighted or not is entirely at your discretion. Another crucial requirement: your lighted pharmacy cross has to be turned off between 1am and 6am. Once all these requirements are fulfilled, you are free to utilize your cross.

The use of the green cross and the caduceus is regulated by the article R4235-53 of the Public Health Code. You can check current regulations on the Pharmacist National Order’s website.

The cross has 4 equal branches and is of light green color (Ref. Pantone n°354U)
Discover the different signs and pharmacy crosses made by Actif Signal.


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