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Unlighted signs, exposure at a lower cost


An unlighted sign can spare you from a usually useless lighted mechanism, and represents a more energy and cost efficient solution. In the meantime, it can still be original and punchy if it is apportioned to a qualified professional, like Actif Signal.

Unlighted sign mall "Les Jacobins"

Unlighted sign "Les Jacobin Mall" – France


Why choose an unlighted sign?

While a lighted sign gains in exposure, there are some cases where an unlighted sign is more beneficial.

Firstly, it is not necessary for a store that opens only during the day to have its outdoor signs filled with light. In broad daylight, what catches the eye of the bystanders is the size and originality. Investing in an original display to stand out is a much better deal than a lighted sign consuming energy with no positive return. Indeed, the financial side will rule in favor of an unlighted sign.

If you want to stick to the mind of customers, you should opt for a sign that is attractive, with original shapes and forms. You can choose between several signs, which a professional can make either from existing templates, or tailor made for you.


Designing and manufacturing your sign

Almost every sign exists in unlighted mode: brackets, flags, on the ground or the roof... Our movable totems are also interesting, because as they are transportable, they can be integrated to numerous environments.

To help you frame your exact needs, and evaluate any possible constraint, contact a professional as soon as you start your project. He will accompany you through the design of your unlighted sign, and will point you to the right process to enhance exposure.

Thus, the sign maker will assist you in elaborating a proper design brief. These preliminary works are necessary in order to make a real eye catching sign, which will help ensure its role as an information provider. Although, as there are excellent sign makers, there are bad ones, so it is important to make the right choice.

Actif Signal, an expert at your service

Actif Signal conducts all types of work related to signs, signage and lighting solutions (glass fronts, events, advertising…)

We are able to manufacture attractive unlighted signs, and can tailor it to your needs. We operate in every area of activity (food industry, luxury, cosmetics, services…) and manufacture all types of signs (unit, network, malls, head offices…). We operate in all of France thanks to a network of reliable craftsmen. Moreover, 6000m² production site in the Sarthe region is capable of producing any and all articles requested by our customers. Our customers can meet us in any of our 5 commercial agencies (Le Mans, Paris, Lille, Bordeaux and Lyon) or contact us via phone or e-mail. You can find our contact information on our website.



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