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22/24 avenue Général M. BIzot
75012 Paris

Tel. +33 (0) 1 43 47 33 00

ISO 14001 certification


Since July 15th, 2010, ACTIF SIGNAL is certified ISO 14001 by “Bureau Veritas Certification”.

Since its creation, ACTIF SIGNAL has been involved in a large-scale approach to offer quality services and to protect the environment. Today, we are fully committed to the ISO 14001 certification.

This action is the logical commitment and responsible approach taken by ACTIF SIGNAL. Every employee of the company is involved.


ISO 14001

The aims are:

  • To have a company committed to sustainable development and the respect for the environment
  • To anticipate the future rules and norms
  • To answer to environmental requirements from our partners
  • To mobilize staff around a business project
  • To have a socially responsible approach

Our commitments

ACTIF SIGNAL agrees to comply with the objectives set under the ISO 14001 certification services and to control the environmental impact of its activities. ACTIF SIGNAL commits to properly advise clients throughout the project and provide the best response in terms of sustainable development, on an economic, societal and environmental level, in order to keep them informed of any technical problem which can have undesired impact on the work.

ACTIF SIGNAL gets involved in the prevention of resource management, optimizations and enhanced the value of waste.


ACTIF SIGNAL acts in compliance with ISO 14001 and the environment, through the following actions:

Recycling of the ink and toner

The lamps and the tubes are recycled by a specialized company

High Voltage transformers are recycled by our suppliers

Neon tubes are collected and stored in special collectors before being treated – they are subject to traceability (BDSI: form of waste monitoring)

Regular maintenance of a fleet of vehicles (new) – maintenance contract

All the measures and commitments taken by ACTIF SIGNAL are subject to change to build better environmental outcomes. ACTIF SIGNAL will regularly communicate on any new measures taken in environmental quality standards.



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