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22/24 avenue Général M. BIzot
75012 Paris

Tel. +33 (0) 1 43 47 33 00



Quality and environment-friendly policy

We are engaged in a continuous process of quality service and environment-friendly policy which involves every employee of the company ACTIF SIGNAL. This approach is based on the certification standard service “Qualif’Enseigne Signalétique” and “ISO 14001” which we are committed to respect.

Quality commitment

We are committed to provide the utmost care for the realization of all our services to comply with the legislation, collective agreements, not to use undeclared workers, to provide proof in insurance, taxes, and to comply with the legislation in terms of risk-prevention, safety and environment. Ensure a level of quality monitoring at all levels of our service.

Respect for the environment

Commitment to the prevention of pollution and natural resources management, optimization and waste recovery.

Progress and result commitment

Continuous commitment to improve our know-how with the aim of increasing our customers’ satisfaction and controlling our activities on our environmental impacts.

Commitment to provide advice

Commitment to properly advise the client throughout the project, to give him the best response in terms of sustainable development, at an economic, societal and environmental level, to keep him informed of any technical or regulatory features that may have impact on the work being undertaken.

Commitment to professionalism

Commitment to perform a precise and neat work treated strictly in accordance with the sales contract.

Commitment to clarity

Commitment to provide clear, detailed and unambiguous business proposals. The estimate should include all expenses that are necessary until the completion of the work. Inform stakeholders throughout the project’s progress until its completion.

Commitment to punctuality

Commitment to respond within 48 hours to any customer request, to respect the appointments schedule or prevent in the shortest possible time in case of problems and to issue a free estimate in five working days after the visit.

Commitment to follow

Internal commitment to make regular assessments and annually external audit by “Bureau Veritas Certification”.

All stakeholders of the company are engaged and responsible.


Paris, June 30th, 2011.


Serge Dimarellis

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